Converter Tools

JobMaster - convert documents to HTML and PDF

Click to Convert allows you to share information and create web pages with the "Click" of a button. It can accurately convert and publish your files and documents into HTML and/or PDF format. Click to Convert installs as a virtual printer and can be called from any program that offers printer support - just select the Mindleads Technology JobMaster printer and the current file will be converted to HTML and optionally PDF as well. You can configure several output options, including file names, optional navigation links, PDF security, fonts, HTML backgrounds etc. The converted files can also be automatically uploaded to your FTP server, using the built-in upload feature.

convert word document

JobMaster can convert documents into more than 40 different format. It can convert doc (winword) files to pdf (adobe acrobat) and in can convert doc files (windord) into text files (txt). It can also convert doc files (winword) to rtf (rich text format) or it will convert doc files (winword) to web document or web page (htm html). moreover it converts doc (winword) to word template (dot) and doc (winword) to ansi formatted text (ans) and doc (winword) to webarchive (mht) that includes all pictures in one webpage without additional files. JobMaster also copies files, it deletes files, supports multiple file-extensions and more than 40 different file-formats and it converts doc document (winword) to wordperfect (wps). It can convert winword documents (doc) formats and includes internal converters. JobMaster is an automatic conversion scheduler, or an automatic converter that convert any file to any format. It supports Internet source and can directly convert a file from internet to FTP or website or internet web server or converts to directory or network drive. You can convert any document to ppt, mht, pps, txt, gif, dif, jpg, bmp, csv, dbf, ans, htm, html, wps and many more formats. Conversion-Jobs can be scheduled for automatic conversion. It is doc-converter, xls-converter, ppt-converter, htm-converter, web-converter and text-converter in one program and support auto-publishing to or from any webserver or network drive or directory. you can also create pdf files and transform files or documents into pdf format.