JobMasters internal ANY2ANY engine can convert just about anything to anything else. It can apply up to 850 different file conversions. See the table below for all possible file conversions. Click here for a complete conversion overview.

Integrated task scheduler. Jobs can be scheduled minutely, per hour, daily or weekly. You can create up to 200 jobs.

Complete directory replication including moving and converting operations to various file formats. Can be configured to perform recursively, through pattern matching or to perform only newer files.
Supports UNC paths, any logical drive or FTP server. JobMaster can directly replicate, convert and move to any FTP server. It also supports Internet resources (URL), it can directly convert a file from internet to disk or FTP server.
Background conversion. Conversion process runs completely in the background.
Supports PDF security.
Allows time specific selection of source files, i.e. older than <n> days; newer than <n> days. Files can be selected by last access time, last modified or created.

Converts document properties of Word-, Excel-, Visio and PowerPoint-Documents to Acrobat PDF Format.

Designed for unattended operation, all actions will be recorded to an detailed log-file. JobMaster is extremely robust through its own file routines.
Integrated process-watchdog for unattended operation.

Smart-Queue guarantees for highest stability.

Multithreaded conversion (parallel working processes).

Runs any application or file that has a valid shell association. For example, you can set JobMaster to run 'file.txt'. JobMaster starts then the application associated with .txt extension (normally Notepad) and opens file.txt in it. Moreover JobMaster can open / start any folder or internet resource.
Integrated LogViewer. Shows current activities in real-time.
Synchronous and asynchronous execution of files possible.
Support for command line options.